Looking for Some Fun? Maybe You Should Become a Young Cougar

Ladies, if you’re in your thirties and are tired of the guys your own age, you might be thinking it’s time for a little bit of satisfaction in your life.  You might be thinking it’s time to become a young cougar and you might be right.  Let’s face it – guys your age are all into their careers, looking to settle down, get married – have children and sometimes, the last thing on their minds is pleasing a woman the way that she should be pleased.  Not to mention how boring they can all be.  The thirties is about the time you start to notice the pooch of belly, the thinning of hair and all around lack of care to the way these guys look.

Okay, so not all thirty something guys look like this, but most of the ones you manage to meet.  That’s probably because most of the good ones have already been taken.  That leaves you to find the guys that are left – and sometimes what you have to choose from just isn’t what you’re into.  You want to hook up with a tight bodied, hot guy that knows what it takes to please you, not some man that wants to get married.

Young Cougars Await!

Young Cougars Await!

Maybe you’re not into the idea of settling down or having a relationship right now, but you like the idea of a great, satisfying hook up with a hot younger guy.  That’s why you need to consider doing what lots of other thirty something women are doing and consider becoming a young cougar.  You’ll get all the fun of hanging out with a younger guy and won’t have to worry about being stalked, falling in love or having someone that wants to disrupt your life by developing a commitment.

The problem might be that you can’t meet these younger guys without looking like a creep.  How does one meet gorgeous younger guys?  You might get dressed up and go out with the girls to some popular clubs, but you never know what you’ll wind up meeting that way.  Plus your friends will know what you’re into.  So, you might choose to hook up with that gorgeous young intern, but then you run the risk of your co-workers finding out.  What’s a young cougar to do?

Why not take a look at ArrangementFinders.com?  This is where you can go to meet the younger guys that you want to hook up with and not have to worry about getting bogged down in love or commitment.  This is where young cougars can go to find that no strings attached sex that they crave – whenever they’re in the mood.

Or, maybe you want to be a little more discreet about your preferences.  This is when you want to check out Ashley Madison to meet the younger guys to hook up with.  You’ll meet lots of gorgeous young men that know how to offer you the satisfaction you’ve been wanting and it’s easier than you might imagine.

Look, life – and dating can get boring.  Take the commitment out of it and start enjoying some fun being a young cougar again.

Could You Be a Young Cougar?

Ladies, how many times have you fantasized about that super hot younger guy and thought of yourself as such a “cradle robber?”  He has to be at least seven years your junior, but given half a chance, you would gladly teach him a thing or two in the ways of women.  He’s super hot and crazy young and he just winked at you.  You can feel the heat climbing from your toes to the top of your head and you really don’t care.  Sounds like you’re a young cougar. 

Like you, there are lots of women that like to hook up with guys that are younger than them.  Okay, so it’s not like a traditional cougar, where the guy you choose is 20 years your junior, but he’s still young enough to be your younger brother.  You’re a young cougar and you’re not alone.

Are You a Young Cougar?

Are You a Young Cougar?

Lots of thirty something women love to hook up with younger guys.  They aren’t looking for a relationship, but why waste time with a guy their own age.  Lots of young cougars are married, in relationships or just don’t want to spend time with a guy that is the same age as them.  Why would they?  Since most of these ladies have a man at home, it’s pretty likely that they are simply looking for someone who is younger and hotter than their current option.

Plus, young cougars know that when they hook up with a younger guy, it’s all about satisfaction.  There are no distractions or frustrations, there is just the thrill of great, casual sex and that can be enough to keep you coming back, but there is also the incredible ego boost of knowing that hot younger guys are still into you, even though you aren’t 21 anymore.

If you’re interested in finding out what it’s like to be a young cougar for yourself, you need to know where to meet the right guys first.  Start by checking out Ashley Madison if you want to keep things really discreet.  You’re going to meet all kinds of younger guys that are super hot and want to meet someone just like you.  They want to hook up, curl your toes and go about their lives, so you get the satisfaction you’ve been craving and no guilt because nobody will ever know.

You should also take a look at ArrangementFinders.com.  There are lots of gorgeous younger men that are interested in meeting a young cougar just like you.  They want to enjoy some great casual sex, but these guys don’t want a relationship, so you don’t have to worry about getting stalked or having your life disrupted.

Look ladies, there’s no point in hanging out at clubs looking for the tight bodied, great haired younger guys to meet your needs because you’ll probably wind up looking desperate.  Have some dignity and meet all the gorgeous younger guys you want and enjoy being a young cougar for a change.

Why Shouldn’t You Go Out With Younger Guys?

Not so long ago, if you chose to go out with a younger guy, you had to have been a cougar, right?  It seems that for so long the norm has been to date guys that are a little bit older, but these days lots of women really dig younger guys.  These are thirty something women, it’s just that they like their guys to be quite a lot under thirty – like around the range of 21 or 22.  Okay, so what’s wrong with this?  Nothing at all and if this sounds like you, you know why you like to date hot younger men and chances are that your desires have nothing to do with getting married.

Let’s face it ladies, once you hit your thirties, lots of other guys that you might meet are kind of – eh.  Lots of them are married, and that leaves the pickin’s to be pretty slim.  Okay, so maybe you have a thing for that thirty something paunch, but if you’re not looking for the long term, why would you want to?  Yeah, you’re a young cougar and while others might be talking about you, you’re the one out there having the time of your life.

Say Yes to the Younger Man

Are You a Young Cougar?

You’re not uptight because you have the crazy satisfaction of being with a super hot guy whenever you want.  Okay, so he’s young – he still knows what he’s doing and there’s no need to make sure that he is “emotionally” okay with any shortcomings, because you’re not going to have to deal with any of that.  Does being a young cougar sound so crazy now?  Here’s a thought:  how many times have you wanted to hook up for a good time and you wind up being stalked, disappointed or something else that left you saying, “NEVER again!”  It happens, but not to you.

This is why so many hot, fun-loving thirty something’s out there are choosing to hook up with younger men.  Because it’s easy – no stalking, no falling in love and no disappointment – and it’s a guaranteed good time, every time.  If you think that you want to be a young cougar, you need to know how to meet these crazy hot younger guys to start having a great time with.

Okay, well if you want to keep it quiet that you’re planning to be a cougar and hook up with guys that are younger than you; you should take a look at Ashley Madison.  This site is one of the best places you can go to meet super hot younger guys that are plenty discreet.  So, if you’re worried that someone might find out about what you do in your free time, you’re going to love this site.  No matter whether you’re married or single, this is where you can go to meet younger guys that aren’t about to ruin your situation.

So maybe you’re not in a situation, but you want to get together with a hot younger guy that’s a sure thing without the complications of love.  Check out ArrangementFinders.com.  You’ll meet your “sure thing,” have a great time and find out how fun being a young cougar can really be.

You’re too Young To Be a Cougar – Or Are You?

So it happened again, didn’t it?  There you were, at your local hardware store looking at something as lame as light bulbs when that hot young guy walked by.  He looked at you – smiled – looked again and for just a moment, you forgot that you were in your dumpy old sweats and a ponytail.  You forgot that you had hardly any makeup on – you forgot that you’re a thirty something and he’s a twenty something because the only thing you could focus on was that hot, hard body.  You’re not a cougar – are you?  Aren’t you too young to give yourself that name?

Okay, so maybe when you think about who you’d like to hook up with, he’s only in his early twenties.  Maybe those guys that you really want to hook up with are just barely out of college – they’re young, fun and fresh, but that doesn’t mean that you – thirty something you – are a cougar, does it?  So, what if someone were to tell you that there are thirtysomething women who are looking for younger men?  But what do you call them?

CIT - Cougar In Training

CIT - Cougar In Training

Yeah, now it’s getting closer to home isn’t it?  This is the young cougar and if it sounds like you, then you know it.  You know about the guys that turn you on and unfortunately, it just isn’t the balding, going out of shape guys you graduated from high school with.  These guys are older than the ones you like, so why not go ahead and enjoy them?  Why not spend some time with the younger guys that you’ve been having fantasies about and see what it’s like to be really hot and sexy again?

What do you think, that just because you’re no longer in your twenties that these younger guys don’t think you’re hot anymore?  You’re still hot, you still take care of yourself – your looks haven’t changed, so why are you wasting your time wanting to hook up with these guys?  Why aren’t you really enjoying them like you should be?

Go ahead and be a young cougar and get turned on for a change.  Check out ArrangementFinders.com and see what kind of guys are out there just waiting to offer you the total satisfaction that you’ve been wanting?  The guys you can meet here are looking for a woman just like you.  They want some great, commitment free sex and they want to have it with a gorgeous thirty something woman like you.

Okay, so maybe you need to keep your desire to be a young cougar quiet.  That’s okay, check out Ashley Madison to meet lots of super hot younger guys that want to hook up with you.  They know what they’re looking for and they want you to be looking for them.

Listen ladies, if you’re tired of the same old guys your age and want to spend some time with a hot younger guy that can take care of your every need, then it’s time to be proud of being a young cougar. 

There Is a New Kind of Cougar – and She’s Hotter than Ever

If you’re a thirty something woman who’s not into the nearly forty year old guys that you keep meeting, but isn’t necessarily looking for a fifteen year old, then you might be a new type of cougar.  In fact, you might be one of the new young cougars out there.  Now, before you blow a gasket, remember that you don’t have to be old to be a cougar, it’s just that you like your guys a little bit younger.  Now for you, you might not actually be a cougar in the traditional sense; after all, it’s not like you’re able to date guys that are 20 years younger than you – that’s illegal.

However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t like your guys to be a little bit younger and more fun than those that you meet that are all your age.  Let’s face it – women in their thirties hit that gorgeously ageless stage of life.  They aren’t old, but they aren’t 21 anymore either.  They don’t necessarily want or need to have children, but many of you do.  The thirties are a stage in life when many women just don’t know where they fit anymore.  If you’re here, it’s pretty likely that you’re looking to remind yourself of what it’s like to be a few things – sexy might be at the top of the list.

Hot Coogs

What's Not to Love

This is why so many thirty something women are starting to date guys that are young enough to remind them what it is to be a little bit crazy, a little bit daring and a lot hot.  That’s why there’s the new young cougar.  When you were younger, you probably were meeting up with younger, hotter guys.  Great bodies, great fun and super satisfying guys were on the menu just a few years ago, so why aren’t they now?  There is nothing like a crazy hot younger guy falling all over himself to satisfy you to make you remember what it is to be a smokin’ hot woman.

Why don’t you remind yourself of how it feels to be incredibly hot?  Why not get the satisfaction that you crave and remind yourself of who you really are?  It’s time to become a young cougar and start satisfying yourself for a change.  Now, to meet the right guys you should check out Ashley Madison.  This is one of the best discreet places to go to meet the crazy hot, eager younger men that you want to meet and you’ll never have to worry that your husband – as sweet as he is – will ever find out.  You want to feel sexy again and some red hot satisfaction wouldn’t hurt either, but you don’t need to fall in love and that’s where this site comes into play because you’re going to find just what you’re looking for to leave you weak in the knees and satisfied again.

Okay, so if you’re not worried about anyone finding out, but you still want to have great casual sex with younger guys, then you should check out ArrangementFinders.com.  This is where an eager young cougar like you can meet the hottest guys out there to have a great time with.

Stop wondering where you fit and start feeling like the hot woman you really are.  Find out what it’s like to be a young cougar and you might wonder why you’ve waited so long.